Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Schedule

   So due to the HUGE influx of missionaries coming in, lots of things are having to be arranged at the MTC to accommodate everyone coming in and out.  There is a Japanese district in my zone that should be leaving in like two weeks or something, but  due to the next group coming in there isn't room for then to stay.  They are now scheduled to leave 5 days early from the MTC.
    They have changed my districts' everyday schedule, so my P-DAYS are now on SATURDAY NOT Tuesday, so don't expect emails/letters on Tuesday anymore!
    The new schedule that we have is JAM PACKED with language and Gospel Study time...we think they are accelerating our schedule because there is a good possibility my district will have to leave a week or more earlier than expected.  There is a HUGE wave coming in around the time we are supposed to be leaving for Japan, and there more than likely won't be room for us to stay.  This is just my guess though.  I will keep you updated as the changes unfold.  It's definitely a testimony to me of how GOD REALLY is hastening his work!  It's amazing to be a part of this.  So instead of having 5 and a half weeks left, there is a possibility i might only be here for four more!?  Who knows... we'll see.   It's definitely a motivator to study the language even more diligently.  We will have a 12 week training program once we get to Japan which is a huge blessing... but that means I have a REALLY good chance of becoming a senior companion 3 months out into my mission. Uhhh...seams crazy to think that I could potentially be TRAINING a missionary 3 months out.  Heaven help me. The good news is the Lord knows how to conduct his work, and all will be well.
    Anyways- I'm doing well.  I have my trials and struggles, but I continue to get on my knees EVERY NIGHT and thank Heavenly Father for my day.  I thank him for the good, and the bad and carry on!  Time is going so fast here, I cant keep my days straight. Just know that I'm working hard.  I had a break through with the language last week, and angels are with me.  I'm striving to diligently seek the gift of tongues, I need it so badly... I'm receiving it little by little.  It's a miracle.  I love the Lord, I'm grateful to be here, all is well! The gospel is true, so what else matters?
      Love you all!!! The church is true. Love Sharp Shimai