Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I just got the phone call, I'm going to…..


Well another week gone, it went wayy fast!  I CAN'T  believe its almost general conference weekend in AMERICA!!!! It stinks that we have to wait to watch it here because of translation into Japanese.  I get to watch it in English but the wards here don't broadcast it until its been translated for them too.  I hope you are all just as excited out of your minds as I am to watch it!!!  I have been listening to the last conference every single day for the past month probably!  I LOVE CONFERENCE!

Yes, transfer calls are TODAY- I have talked to the AP's a TON this transfer about random stuff/problems that have been going on in our zone, and last week on one of our phone calls they were asking about a few things regarding this weeks transfer calls and I said something along the lines of "feel free to send me to Okinawa!!"  and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get my wish, haha. They called this morning to ask a question about some of the sisters that we are over, and Iwasa Choro (AP) was talking to Heaton Shimai on speaker and he said "tell Sharp Shimai that all her dreams are going to come true today!"  For some reason they like to torture all of us with not telling us what our transfer call is until its our turn to know.  They spend hours calling each individual missionary, so it takes forever sometimes.  But yeah!  We still haven't gotten the call, but I'm pretty sure that is where I'm transferring too!  I have heard ALL about Okinawa my whole entire mission from lots of different people and word on the street is, that its paradise. Ha, I hear the people are way different there than they are on the main islands so yeah it will be interesting to see if I end up going there or somewhere else.  Sister Heaton and I will for sure no longer be companions though, I do know that much… :\  I don't think I will be a Sister Trainer Leader down there, but who knows?  I guess you will have to wait and see next week :)

I feel SO blessed to be on a mission at this time, its sooo true that we are hastening the lords work. Its a miracle.

Kojima Shimai is just way busy so I don't think she has ever had time in the past to give tons of referrals.  She has four kids and they are all under the age of ten I think.  But things are going to start exploding there.

Marina Chan
I LOVE THIS GIRL SO MUCH!!!!!  We had a lesson with her yesterday and taught her a little more in depth the role of the Holy Ghost.  She told us that the main reason she isn't committing to be baptized is because she is way worried that she is going to be made fun of for being Christian and that she won't be able to keep all the commandments.  Which is obviously a huge road block, but we are making HUGE break through with her about keeping the sabbath day holy and I bore one of the most sincere testimonies I ever have.  I was able to share my own conversion with her and what a huge, huge role church has played in my life and the spirit really just took over the lesson.  She reminds me a TON of how Hayley was when she was taking the missionary lessons.  So I brought a few pics of Hayley and told her, her conversion as well and it was just a way powerful moment.  The story got even cooler when I told her that she is currently serving a mission in Europe!  Gosh, I love Marina soooo much!  I know that I came to Shimizi specifically for her.  We are asking her to be baptized tomorrow.  She is leaving for New York in one month and I am probably transferring so I won't get to see her baptized if that s what she chooses to do, but I know that I created an eternal friendship here with her.  Love her to death!  Tomorrow will be the last time I see her if I transfer and I'll probably cry me eyes out, but I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have had to teach her.  She met missionaries over a year ago and I know that we have planted a deeper seed in her than any other.  We love her so much!!

Seguchi San
Well…WE FINALLY SET A BAPTISM DATE with her!!  Every single lesson she said that she really wanted to receive baptism, but she would NEVER commit to a date.  So I decided that we just needed to bring a calendar and set a date no matter what!!  She chose 7/2/2014 haha….so not anytime in the near future but HEY its a date and that's all I care about!!!

OKAY- I JUST GOT THE PHONE CALL……………………………………………………………IM GOING TO OKINAWA!!! Naha East is the area!!   And guess who my companion is….CAPENER SHIMAI from the MTC!!  And GUESS WHO ELSE is going back to Okinawa?!!  KWAK SHIMAI!!!!!!! :) :) I am going to be STL with Capener Shimai so I'm WAY excited!!! YYAAAY!  Im so excited!! I will also be living with Burgon Shimai who I lived with my first transfer-WOOOO!

I am running out of time shoot, but I love you all so much!!!!  I will be leaving for Okinawa on Thursday. SOOOO EXCITED!  I need to go pack!!!  I love you all!!!!!
Sharp Shimai