Tuesday, August 19, 2014


August 17th


We had a really good week :)  We taught Nakamoto San the word of wisdom yesterday at church, and I was super nervous about it because I knew for sure that he drinks tea, and in the Japanese culture its a really big deal to them so I was a little nervous that there was going to be a problem.  We asked a recent married couple in our ward to join us, they are older, in their 40's or 50's and the husband is a recent convert of 4 years.  He kind of use to be an alcoholic but when he learned about the church, he was able to quit immediately.  We knew that he would bare a strong testimony for Nakamoto…when the lesson started Kashiwa and I were both really nervous, but as the spirit always does, it testified SO POWERFULLY of the truthfulness of the word of wisdom.  Kashiwa was telling a story in the lesson about a friend that struggled with the word of wisdom, and as she was talking i was OVERWHELMED with gratitude for having been taught this commandment at such a young age…an overwhelming love for my Mom and Dad came into my heart.  The deep gratitude that I felt in that moment is going to be hard to explain in words because it was such a spiritual experience.  I thought about the wonderful examples that my Mom and Dad have set for me in being so strong and never breaking this commandment.  Not even once.  And then even more gratitude came into my heart when I thought about the miracle it is that my Dad has never turned to alcohol given the fact that his father did.  God has blessed me and my family SO MUCH.  I felt it so strongly yesterday.  After Kashiwa was done testifying I expressed to Nakamoto how grateful I was for the word of wisdom and I knew that it was given to us from God.  It was given for the protection of not just our bodies, but for the family.  After the witness I received of that yesterday, (and many times before) that testimony will never leave me.  I feel like every commandment that has ever been given of God has been given MAINLY for the strengthening and protection of preserving the Family.  Everything in this church can be tied back to family :) love it.

Teaching him yesterday was such a spiritual experience for so many reasons.  God hears and answers our prayers.  Before we even asked Nakamoto San if he would follow the commandment he said "Mamorimasho!"  which means "Lets follow it" (or in other words: lets do this!)  Yay!!! Was a huge miracle!!  I love him :)

We met with Miyazaki San and it went really well, we are going to be meeting with her at a members house tomorrow, I think her and the member will hit it off, she is the relief society president and is way awesome so I think it will be good!  She felt the spirit really strong when she was with us.  She doesn't really believe in God, but we will change that tomorrow :)

We met with a young mom named Kamiya last week and it went sooo good!  Tears started to well up in her eyes when she expressed her gratitude for us.  We have only met her twice but she said "I want to be like you two! You seem so pure"…she put her hand to her heart and said " I feel something in my heart when you guys come." UMM OKAY SHES GOLDEN!  She's super cute and a way good mom.  Her kids are super cute too!  She told her husband about us and wanted to take a picture of us so she could reassure him that we are girls, not boys coming over haha.  I will keep you updated on her progress.

I can't believe my time is almost up, it doesn't feel real.  Kwak Shimai (MTC companion) is going home this week for school she got special permission to go home in the middle of the transfer, but I was able to see her yesterday for the last time (at least on the mission) and it started to hit me that things are coming to an end.  Super sad.  I was reflecting on how much I love the people that I have met here.  Especially all the wonderful missionaries.  I remember when I got set apart, President Moss said that I would come to love my companions as my own sisters and I would make eternal friendships on my mission.  I have definitely felt that that has happened!!!!!  I love these people and I love my mission!  Coming home is going to be way hard, I can already feel how hard its going to be, but I know that all things have their time and place and my mission will have served its purpose in my life and all the lives I came for and will continue to bless me for the rest of my life…which in and of itself is a great reason for EVERYONE to go on a mission. :)  Maybe I'm selfish haha… Im just excited for all the post blessings as well!!!!

God lives.  He hears and answers our prayers.  I KNOW with all my heart that families are sacred, and the most important thing in this life and in eternity.  I know marriage between a man and a woman is ORDAINED. OF .GOD.  I don't care what anyone says.  That is the truth, and I will testify of it for the rest of my life.  I love this Church.  It is Gods church.  I LOVE the commandments. I love the plan of Happiness.  I love the Book of Mormon.  I love our LIVING prophet.  I love God and his son, Jesus Christ.  I know they love us.  I know they live.
Stay strong.  Be examples and let your light so shine!!!!
I love you all.
Sharp Shimai

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Working Miracles!

August 10th


This week went by really fast and slow, we had some trials, but overcame them! I am looking forward to going to the temple AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  I think I will get to go through the temple right before I go home, which I am way excited for. I have only gone twice my whole mission, I miss the temple probably more than anything. It is such a blessing!!  

This last week we saw lots of miracles! We found a woman named miyazaki san who we are meeting with tomorrow. How we found her was really crazy! We were looking for a less actives house that we had never been to before- according to our record, this person lived in an apartment in door number 202. When we found the right apartment and checked the name on the mail box of 202, it was a different name than the one of the Less active that we were looking for. WE decided to house the apartment building anyways. We went to the top floor and nobody was home, we went to the next floor and knocked on a door and a really nice woman answered and talked to us for about ten minutes. The first thing she said was `I dont have interest` But as he always does, the spirit filled out mouths with all the right words and by the end she asked US when we could meet her again. She said she really wanted to learn more about our church. Lots of missionaries (from other churches) have knocked on her door and she has always told them she didnt have interest, but she said when she saw us she felt like she needed to listen. YAY for the light of Christ and the Holy Ghost working miracles!!! During our whole visit I felt overwhelming love for her! When we left, Kashiwa shimai turned to me and said `Sharp shimai! She lives in number 202!!!` 

The less active that we were looking for moved out about two months ago and miyazaki san moved in. To the same apartment. Number 202. Miracle or WHAT?

The Lord truly does know us and will place us in peoples paths at the right time and in the right way. I have a huge testimony of this. Another huge testimony that I have is the need for Faith in the Savior Jesus Christ and Repentance. My life has changed as I have recognized my weaknesses and repented of my mistakes since I have come on my mission. I know the healing and forgiving power in the atonement is real. However, receiving those blessings are only accessed upon the principle of repentance. WE need to repent everyday! I am so grateful for the companionship of the Holy Ghost. I would be lost without him. I love each of you and want you to know that God loves you and knows you by name. Call upon him and receive all the blessings that he has in store for you!! He will bless you as you follow the example of his son and seek to love all people and repent when you fall short. I testify that that is true.
I love you all!! Have a wonderful week!
Sharp Shimai