Thursday, July 17, 2014


Sunday July 13th


Its crazy that the time has gone by so fast and slow at the same time!  I was thinking about how different my mission has been in every area.  I feel like I have been on three completely different missions all packed into one experience.  All wonderful and hard in their own ways.

Nakamoto is doing so good!  He came to church yesterday for the first time!  He showed up exactly when we told him to come, and he was able to see the baptism of a little boy that turned 8 yesterday.  He stayed for all three hours, and when we went to meet up with him after priesthood, all the elders and our mission leader were circled around him.  He had his Book of Mormon opened up and was sharing his favorite scripture!  I didn't even know he had a favorite scripture?! Haha he was so cute.  His faith in Jesus Christ is growing and it makes me sooo happy!  I feel like he is going to accept our invitation to be baptized.  We are going to invite him this week. :) Pray that he says yes!

Our other progressing investigator (Taira) has sort of slowed on his progression.  However, we taught the full restoration to him last week and he LOVED IT.  He committed to pray about it to know if it was true, and yesterday when we met with him, he said he didn't pray about it yet.  I'm not sure what he is waiting for, but we are working on getting him to pray.  He is so stubborn about it! If there is anything I have learned on my mission, it is the power of prayer and the importance of it.  If we don't have the confidence to open our mouths to talk to Heavenly Father, not only are we letting Satan have full power to tempt us and deceive us in our lives, but we CANNOT know of spiritual truths.  I LOVE PRAYER.

I think i told you about the mother that we met with 8 children? When we went back, she rejected us pretty hard core which was way crappy, but the good news is that we found 2 other investigators in that same apartment complex, so it made it okay :)

The typhoon wasn't too bad, just way, way, way strong winds.  Knocked a few trees over, but other than that nothing was damaged.

Kashiwa and I had a little bit of a bumpy week at times with our communication (LANGUAGE BARRIER!!!!!) but we were able to talk things out and we are happy and genki again :) Love her!

Other than that, nothing too crazy to update you on.  The work is going well here and I am so blessed to be a part of it!

I had my first Okinawa mango last week at a members house and it was SOOO DANG GOOD!  Mango is now my favorite fruit.  Guess how much 4 mango's cost? $40 dollars.  We bought the cheapest kind we could find for $10 dollars, mmmm so good :)

Anyways! Love you all, have a good week!
Love, Sharp Shimai

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I love my mission!

Sunday July 6th


This last week was really good, I can't believe another week has come and gone.  Before I know it I'm going to be on a plane…doesn't feel real.
We saw lots of miracles!  We found a family that has EIGHT kids in it!  The mom was super nice!  All the kids are 12 years and younger!  We made an appointment to meet with them tomorrow but unfortunately a typhoon is suppose to be coming tonight and President said that anyone on Okinawa can't go outside tomorrow :(
So we will have to cancel. Sad :(

We were able to meet with a lot of our investigators this last week!
Nakamoto- He is doing well, he is continuing to keep all his assignments that we are giving to him and he prayed out loud for the first time this last week in front of us. (with the help of the member) nevertheless, he did it!  He is converting!  Slowly, but surely!

Taira San- He is also doing well, we invited him to be baptized last week and he said that as he continues to meet with us he feels like that is what he is going to want to do, but he feels so unworthy to receive baptism and go to church that he didn't commit to the date that we suggested.  He has read all of the bible, and believes in Jesus Christ, but he doesn't understand the power of the Atonement, otherwise he would of accepted baptism.  We are working on explaining the Faith in Jesus Christ and the repentance process.  He has SO many great questions, they are hard to answer, especially in Japanese.  I am SO grateful that I have Kashiwa Shimai!!  The spirit always guides me to say what I'm supposed to, even when I'm not sure I completely know what is going on it always ends up working out!  He is so prepared, but his repentance process is going to take some time.  I really hope to see him convert before I have to head home.  But if not, I know he will shortly after :)

We had zone conference last week, and President came down with the APs, we received some great trainings on teaching with the spirit.  It never ceases to amaze me how in tune my Mission President is with the spirit, I love that man!  I love my mission, as each day passes I realize more and more how precious this last year has been to me.  Its changed me so much! Yay!

Kashiwa and I are still doing great together, I love her so much.  I was thinking the other day that we must have been really good friends in our pre earth life.  I can't wait until we can meet again one day and communicate perfectly in either English or Japanese! Love her to death.

Anyways, I don't have too many crazy thing to talk about, but I love you all, have a good week!
Love, Sharp Shimai