Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week of Miracles!

So WOW! What a WONDERFUL week of miracles sister Buhler and I have had!!!
Our less active project just continues to move right along. Sister Buhler always says `lets go find our baby sheep and bring em home.` So that has pretty much been our motto..and we INDEED ARE BRINGING EM HOME!!!
We saw A MIRACLE this last week when we went to go visit the Iida and Ami- when we pulled up to their house they werent home, so we were getting back on our bikes when they suddenly pulled into the driveway. With them, was Iida`s daughter Erika. She is 6 months pregnant and they had just come from her doctors appointment.
Sis buhler had only met erika once in the past, and knew that she never got baptized. Iida also has 2 other sons and a husband that is not a member of the Church. (Ami is her niece, not her daughter in case you forgot).
BEFORE we even said ANYTHING to them, erika ran up to us and told sister buhler that she was going to come to church on Sunday. I had no idea thats what she said though...i actually didnt even know who she was, I didnt know that it was iidas daughter. I just smiled and acted like i knew what was going on as usual ;)
So we asked if we could give them a short lesson on the restoration and they all said that we could. So because Ami Speaks english only, sister buhler and i had planned on me just teaching the whole thing in english for ami and she would trasnlate it for iida and erika...p.s. ERKIA has never heard about the gospel in her life..
so we all sat down in Ami`s room and i began talking about the restoration...the spirit began to fill the room and as sister Buhler began translating for Erika and Ami. When we got to the part of the first vision, the spirit was SO STRONG. Erkia was EATING UP every word, and she was understanding everrrrything. She even understood the concept of the need for prophets, and the priesthood. After sister buhler recited the first vision I bore my testimony of Joseph Smiths experience in English and the spirit hit me so hard, tears started to flow..that started a chain reaction and everyone was.
IT WAS SO GREAT. Erika is now our new investigatior! What a MIRACLE! She got sick yesterday so she couldnt come to church, but we are going to go teach her the plan on salvation this week. Ami and iida where there though, this was their third week at church in a row!!!
MIRACLES happen when you find Less Actives. This is just one story.
Two days ago sister Buhler found 10 more new less actives on the list on looked them up on the map and we went to go contact them all for the first time. Some were home and some werent, but 2 in particular were SO RECEPTIVE to us. It was another miraculous thing. They were both women with part member familes who both said they still believed and had testimonies. HOW GREAT!!!!
So as you can see the miracles are not stopping, we have SO MUCH work to do. I will send you pictures of the lists that we have so you can see the incredible work we are doing. I will tell you all about how much of a SAINT sister buhler is...oh my gosh, the effort and work that she has put into this less active project is mind blowing. I will send you a picture of the CRAZY map that she had to teach herself how to use..its all in KANJI and japanese, so how she EVER figured out how to look up and find all these crazy japanese addresses is BEYOND me. She has recieved SO MUCH help from beyond the veil its not even funny. She started teaching me last night how to look up less actives on the map and i was only able to find 2...its so time consuming..and she has somehow been able to locate and find over 100.
I love you all so much, this work is true!
p.s. yes, we sleep on the floor on futons, and yes my body feels like a rock in the morning hahaha. Its the worst. BUT SOMEHOW EVERY SINGLE day my body makes it through painfree and I am able to do it all over again! Heavenly father is blessing me with strength beyond my own I will tell you what. I will send pics next week of our sleeping arragements and our lovely apartment hahah. she`s a real beaut.
We get 8 hours of sleep!
And yes, eddy shimai loves cooking.
I seriously look back on the last three weeks and i wonder how in the world we are doing any of this...but we are. Its a miracle every day.
I love you, I will hear from you soon.
Sharp Shimai