Tuesday, April 22, 2014



Wow, another week gone!  Can't believe it.  Capener and I talk all the time HOW stinking fast time is going :( We went on Junkais last week with Kwak Shimai and her companion Kawamura Shimai.  They rock :).  We did exchanges on my birthday so that was fun!  Ironically I was in the MTC last year for my 21st as we all know and Kwak Shimai was my companion.  She made cute signs for me and surprised me when I woke up that morning in the MTC.  I woke up the morning of my birthday last week and sweet little Kwak Shimai taped messages all over the apartment like she did a year ago in the MTC :)!  Capener Shimai made me pancakes and we went to a place called MOS Burger for diner. My Birthday was fun!  I'm so old :(

Time is short, but I can update ya on some miracles!

Natsuki- (the woman we met at the bus stop) We STILL haven't met with her in person but we have been calling her a lot at night.  She is SO BUSY and lives really far.  Having some kind of chance to meet with her seems more bleak each week.  But the interesting news is that she just had a friend pass away and was really upset about it.  The lord is preparing her in more ways than I think…the timing just needs to be right.

Hiromi San- We were biking to someones house last week and after a slew of miracles that we had just seen already in the day, I noticed a woman on the other side of the street that was obviously staring at us and smiling.  I shouted to Capener Shimai if she knew the woman that was staring at us and she said no.  So from my bike I waved and smiled back at her and told Capener that we should stop and act casual as she walked past us, so we could stop her!  Capener got out the phone to act like she was going to call someone, but then saw that we had a real missed call.  So I was standing there waiting for her to pass and when she did I said "Konnichiwa! Senkyoshi ni atta koto ga arimasuki?!"  (Hello, have you ever met us before?)  And she said yeah!  I actually met missionaries a long time ago…  Long story short, she was SO PREPARED to meet us!  As we were talking to her the spirit came into my heart so strongly and I was overwhelmed with love for this woman.  It was one of those moments where I felt like I knew her from somewhere. Hmmm…maybe the pre existence ha!  The sad news is that she doesn't live here and she was only here because as he was visiting her 90 year old mother.  We got her number and said that elders would be calling her from where she lives.  The elders called and her husband answered and he immediately said, "we are not interested" and hung up.  I WAS SO MAD!  But the good news is is I know she will have many, many opportunities to meet missionaries.  This is just how the Lord works.  I know she will, especially for how strong I felt the spirit when I was talking to her.

In the same day we met another girl who was here from somewhere close to Tokyo.  Traveling by herself.  She was BEAUTIFUL!  She had the light of Christ SOOOO strongly in her face!  When we asked her if she had a purpose in life she said that she was currently searching for it.  Capener Shimai and I heard her say those words and almost attacked her because we were so excited haha.  We taught a short lesson on the plan of salvation and asked her for her number but she said that she just wanted to read the pamphlet.  She too had a familiar face to me.  She'll meet missionaries again!

After we met her we found two new investigators.  One is an older woman maybe in her 60's and the other is a young girl in her 20's. The young girl said she has already met missionaries on the street before and received a Book of Mormon!  She agreed to meet with us tomorrow. I'm excited!!

Can you see the reoccurring theme from our week?  Heavenly Father is putting people in our path who have already met missionaries so they will be more receptive to meeting us.  Its been a MIRACLE!  We just had a training from our AP's who talked about that very thing.  Its been amazing to see it unfold before our very eyes!

On a different note- Easter was yesterday and I am sad to report that NOBODY in Japan celebrates it.  Not even the members.  In fact when they all showed up they didn't even know that it was Easter.  It broke my heart.  It was crazy to recall last year.  I gave my farewell talk on Easter and I remember what a sweet and spiritual experience it was for me.  I hope that this is something that can change in the Culture here.  I was shocked that not even the Bishop knew about it or cared enough to assign the speakers topics on the atonement or resurrection.  Made me super sad.  I miss America haha.

But the Church is true! :) I love the Savior.  I am so grateful for his Resurrection.  I had a powerful experience yesterday morning as I read the story recorded in John of the Saviors resurrection.  The spirit confirmed once again that Jesus is the Christ.  He lives, and he is the Savior of all mankind.  And because that is the truth, what else matters?

I love you all.  Please stay strong.  Overcome the temptations of Satan through prayer.  Follow the example of Jesus Christ in all things and you will feel joy, love and peace in your life everyday! Until next week :)

Love, Sharp Shimai