Tuesday, August 13, 2013



Last Week:

Pretty good week!  Had some ups and downs, but things are moving forward.  I struggled with having patience with myself and my companions haha, but its just part of the work.

We have been trying to meet with a lady named IZUMI san, we really want to teach her the lessons, but she is always way busy whenever we stop by.  We went to her house a few days ago, and we know that she is struggling a lot with her husband right now and their marriage is really crappy...she finally opened up to us and let some of her emotion out.  She told us how she cries every single night because they just don't get along.  He is never home...we haven't asked where he goes.  But we were able to bare testimony to her that our message can strengthen families, and the spirit did testify to her that what we were saying was true.  She is leaving town this week to go visit her kid in another town, so by next week we should be able to teach her.  I think once the spirit can teach her even more about the truth of the gospel, she will want to be a part of what we have.  I am hoping we can maybe make contact with her husband too, so that it doesn't separate them even more is we only start teaching her.  We'll see what happens!

So far we don't have any progressing investigators right now, but we hope that by the end of this upcoming week we will be able to find solid people to teach!  This upcoming week we have zone conference in HIROSHIMA! WOO! So excited to go there! I am also going on exchanges this Wednesday with some sisters in an area called IWAKUNI, it should be fun, hopefully we can help them while we are there. It's about 3 hours from UBE, Hiroshima is probably like 5 hours or so??  We will be taking the train.

This transfer is almost over!  We only have like 2 more weeks left I think?  I have a feeling I will probably be staying in Ube for another transfer and I will most likely be training a new missionary, but who knows?!  I don't feel ready to be training already but I have been getting good practice with Sister Smotherman since Sister Buhler is gone so often.

All is well here in UBE!  Still trying to get over everyone being Buddhist here...it bugs me pretty bad that everyone claims Buddhism, but nobody really believes in it, and they don't care to learn about their Savior.  Its so sad. I often times have to refer to the 11th article of faith:
'We claim the privilege of worshipping almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or WHAT they may.'

The reason God is God, is because he allows his children agency...if he took that away , then we would be following Satans plan...so I have to remember to be patient with these people and not get too annoyed by the incorrect traditions of their fathers that have been passed down for generations and its literally all they know.  We are trying hard!

I have to go, I love you all!
Love you,
Sharp Shimai