Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Katelyn is doing well!

Katelyn left me (Aubrey, I am her older sister, for those of you who don't know) the task of posting to her blog. So i have to apologize to everyone who will be keeping track, I will not always be able to post things as she sends them. I will try really hard to keep up on it, so you will know how she is doing!! So let me take you back to April 3rd, Katelyn's first letter home!

Dear Family,
   I am so excited to already be writing my first letter home! We had a meeting this afternoon, and the MTC presidency encouraged us to write home tonight since i won't have access to a computer for probably another week. I don't have much time, but to sum up my first day at the MTC in a nutshell, all i can say is... WOW!  I love it. Everything is so fast paced i love it, there is not a dull moment that goes by that is for sure.  I met my companion about 30 minutes after I got here and i absolutely LOVE her! Her name is Sister Kwak, and she is a quarter Japanese, half Indian, and quarter Korean!!!  She doesn't know any Japanese though its hilarious cause I obviously don't either!  We are so perfect for each other, we laughed the whole entire day.  She is  from San Fransisco California in case you were wondering.  I love her and I'm sure I'll be sharing many stories about her. Oh, and she is 20yrs old, she was going to school at Berkley University before she came on her mission.  Anyways-
   Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day! But i am excited.  From the moment I got here we have been doing stuff non stop. My language teacher is not teaching us Japanese in English AT ALL. I mean AT ALL.  I haven't heard one English word come out of her mouth yet.  We really are being thrust into the language it's overwhelming but awesome at the same time.  We had a "teaching experience" tonight where fake investigators came in and we role played as a huge group.  I was totally intimidated but it was an awesome learning experience. Teaching the Gospel is going to take SO MUCH humility.  The statement "rely upon the Lord" has never felt more true.
   I have to get going but i love each of you, know that i am totally fine and LOVING it here!  The spirit here is amazing and everyone is so nice.  I'm sharing my room with 2 other companionship's, so there are 6 of us total!  I love everyone though, we all get along amazingly.  I know i will learn and grow from each of them.


I love each of you, your in my prayers!!

               Love, Sister Sharp
             (Sharp Shimai)  Shima means "sister" in Japanese, and my last name comes first!

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