Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pure Love

I received an email from Katie yesterday, it is exactly what i needed, and i hope by sharing a part of this beautiful email, it will touch and fill you with the spirit as it did for me!

The gospel is so true.  The gift of tongues is SO REAL.  Holy cow, its been amazing to see how much i understand lately. I still can't really speak that well but I'm understanding or getting the gist of things so much better.  I'm working really hard with my sweet companion to learn the best i can.  I defiantly  have some bad days with discouragement, but I'm always over it by the next day.  I taught my progressing investigator yesterday with Kwak Shimai on the plan of salvation, and we decided to get creative and draw pictures- it helped SO much and we were able to convey the message. The spirit was felt.  I've learned that the Lord only speaks one universal language, and it's the language of pure love.  It doesn't matter if the gospel is being preached in English or Japanese, its the LOVE that is conveyed through the Holy Ghost that converts people.  Fowers Sensei (my new language teacher) shared some incredible stories from his mission with my district last week.  He taught a couple that didn't speak any Japanese they spoke french or something...and all he could speak was Japanese and English...but miraculously the spirit was STILL able to testify of truth to these people and they were baptized and married in the temple a year later. Miracles I tell you. Miracles. I can't wait to see what miracles are going to unfold in the next few months as i head over to Japan!! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL its sooo AMAZINGLY true!!!!!!

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