Monday, June 17, 2013

Christ is the Light and Life of the World...part 2

I have noticed that Japanese people don't really like looking you straight in the eye.  I have been bound and determined that when we stop someone in the street I maintain eye contact with them...because in the times where I have looked someone straight in the face and told them that God is our Heavenly Father I KNOW THEY FEEL THE TRUTH OF IT!!  Even though we get rejected all the time, I know we are baring the truth to these people and they feel it.  Some of them are so hardened in their hearts it is so sad to see.
We stopped  and elderly lady yesterday and she said God can't exist because she is alone...all her friends are dead and she has nobody...God didn't exist. Sister Buhler and I tried so hard to tell her that through our message she could know that she wasn't alone but she rejected us and we went on her way.  It was so sad.  We had a similar experience with another elderly woman who was sitting on the side of the road all by herself...we asked her what she was doing and she said she is so alone that she can't bare to sit in her apartment so she will just come outside and sit on the curb and watch all the cars drive by.  We asked if we could come visit with her and she said yes, but when we asked for her address she changed her mind...again...these people are so stubborn its frustrating! So we had to walk away from her too, it was sad.

I do have one more miracle that I want to share from this week though before I go....

Sister Buhler and I were riding our bikes home two nights ago around 8pm and we stopped this girl on the street.  We began talking to her about God. She said she had heard of God and Jesus Christ but didn't know anything about them...she had read the Bible before though which was a MIRACLE IN AND OF ITSELF!!! Nobody has a CLUE what the Bible is here.  So we began talking to her about the Book of Mormon and how it too teaches us about Christ.  Things were going SO GOOD! Sister Buhler asked her if we could meet with her again and talk with her more and she said yes!  This is where it gets weird...literally RIGHT AS Sister Buhler was going to ask what day we could meet this Japanese man comes out of nowhere and and cuts her off and was like (in Japanese, pointing to all of us) ARE YOU CHRISTIAN!!!???  And Sister Buhler and I were like YEAH!!! (we have been praying for a male to teach because our ward needs priesthood holders) so our initial thought was like wow Heavenly Father is sending us a man to teach!! BUT NOOO...we were wrong... he starts GOING OFF in Japanese about how much he hates God and Christians and he wouldn't stop.  I had NO CLUE what the heck he was saying, i don't think I have ever heard someone speak Japanese so fast in my life.  Sister Buhler tried to get him to stop but he wouldn't...towards the end of him speaking I started to get a really bad vibe and I could that whatever he was saying wasn't good.  Finally he just stopped and since Sister Buhler wasn't fighting back he just walked away...I turned to the girl and asked if she was ok and she just started laughing and said she was fine and that she still wanted to meet with us so we got her number.  We said goodbye to her and walked away and i asked Sister Buhler what in the world that man was going off about and she told me and i was like OH MY GOSH!!! First of all, I need to stress how completely unheard of it is for a Japanese person to even know who Christ, I need to stress how UNHEARD of it is for a MALE to approach ANY WOMAN on the street in Japan.  It just doesn't happen.  Its against their culture...we pass men on the street all the time and they won't even make eye contact with us. So for this situation to even occur it was like what in the world is going on...i know for a fact that it was satan trying to stop us from meeting with this girl.  I couldn't believe it.  It was a testimony to me HOW AWARE satan is of this great work. He knows and see's every single person we are contacting...and he knows the ones that will accept our message and the ones that won't.  I have a pretty good feeling that this girl we stopped is going to accept it so he sent this random man to come and literally say the complete opposite of everything we had just taught her seconds before.
My mind went to the story of Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove...satan knew what was about to happen as Joseph knelt down to pray and so he tried to BIND his tongue so he couldn't offer his prayer...
We cannot ALLOW satan to overcome us.  Ever.  If you recall Josephs story, he felt as though he was being attacked by a very real being from the "unseen world" he felt as though it wanted to destroy him...he said at THE VERY MOMENT that he "called upon GOD"(PRAYED), he "saw a pillar of light above the brightness of the sun which descended gradually until it fell upon him..."

Darkness and light cannot coexist.  The light will ALWAYS dispel the darkness.  God and Jesus Christ appeared, and satan no longer had any power over him.
Please remember this.  Darkness and light CANNOT co-exist together.  Satan can have NO power over you as we stay close to Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father.  Just like darkness and light cannot co-exist, neither can fear and faith.  Fear is from satan, and faith comes from God.

I love all of you so much.  If time permitted I would tell you every single experience I have had since I have come to UBE, I have seen many miracles and also seen many hardened hearts.  But at the end of the day Sister Buhler and I always walk through the door and know whose errand we are on.  It's the Lords, and I am so grateful for it.  This is HIS work!!
I love everyone here.  I love love love Sister Buhler, she is a miracle and blessing in my life.

I will talk to you next week!  Stay strong.  Remember whose work this is, and CALL UPON GOD.

Light and darkness cannot co-exist.  The light will always overcome the darkness.  Christ is the Light and Life of the World.

Love, Sharp Shimai

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