Tuesday, June 4, 2013


We just received our first email from Japan!  I want to share a short part of it,  to give you all an update!!


I made it in last night safe and sound after a loooong day of plane travel.  I am here with my whole district,  and will be spending one more day at the mission home.  I find out who my first companion is tonight at 9pm.  I think it is probably like 5pm in Utah right now,  its currently 8:45 am.  We just had a delicious breakfast provided by our lovely mission president's wife.  I just had my first interview with him, and it was great. P-DAYS are Monday, so you can expect to get emails from me on Sunday evenings because of the time difference.  I will let you know what area I get assigned to as soon as i can ok! I have to go, but i love you! Don't worry about me, I am in great hands here and I am going to love Japan!
Sharp Shimai

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