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Every member a missionary

October 14th

Sorry this is so late, we spent our whole pday with a family in our ward, they took us sight seeing and we didn't have any time to do anything else- however I LOVE them and their kids so it made up for stealing all our time ha...don't be surprised when i come home with a Japanese baby in my suitcase..I want to kidnap them ALL. They are sooooo cute. AHHHH!!!!

So. Ready for the big news??

On our way to bowling last week (it was way fun by the way) I got a call from my President...he asked me if... I WOULD TRAIN A NEW BEAN AGAIN.  I was so surprised!!!  That was the LAST possible scenario that I would have guessed would be happening.  There were only three sisters coming in this transfer alongside 27 new elders, so I didn't think I would be called upon to train since I had just trained Sister Nelson...however, I was wrong. Ha. My first thought was...'What is he thinking!?' My next thought was...'If the Lord thinks I can...then I I agreed to train agree.

Her name is Sister SOUTHWORTH, she is from Kaysville Utah, is 20 years old and is having a little bit of a struggle adjusting to the mission field I think.  I remember my first two weeks I was so awkward, so maybe she is just going through that awkward transition phase like everyone don't realize how weird you probably were as a Bean until you get to train one. haha :)

Sister Buhler transfered to a place called Kumamoto, it is really far south, almost by Okinawa I guess- I MISS HER. Oh my gosh.  I love her so much!!!  She is the best person ever, I can't even begin to express my love for that saintly woman!!! The patience that she had for me...I hope to one day train as good as she was able to train me.

We were able to meet with our cute little MARIN this last week, we went to dinner with her and talked about the church.  After she gets back from Hawaii she is planning on coming to church.  I love her, she is SO cute.  I will update you on her progress as it unfolds.

Some sad news...our baptism has been called off, due to our investigator having some mental issues...however, I feel very confident that the Lord is extremely aware of her and loves her. I am not worried about her, or disappointed that she is not getting baptized.

GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEST THING OF MY LIFE!!! EVERY TALK WAS SOOOO AMAZING!!!! I loved every single one, I don't think I had a favorite because they were all SO inspired from our Heavenly Father. I definitely  was touched by Elder Hollands talk as well...I feel like all who were watching related to it in some form or another.
The whole theme  of Conference was MISSIONARY WORK!!!!! I can't even describe the urgency that I felt to hasten our Heavenly Fathers work.  Jesus Christ is coming!!! I hope you all really contemplate and PRAY DAILY for OPPORTUNITIES to share the gospel! Please please find out who the missionaries are in our area and pray for them AND their investigators BY NAME.  EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY. That is coming STRAIGHT from a PROPHET OF GOD.

I love this gospel. I am so grateful to a LOVING, KIND, ALL KNOWING Heavenly Father who sent his living servants to address all of his children about his concerns for us. He wants us to be happy, he wants us to understand his plan for us.  Please, PLEASE, search the scriptures daily, DAILY. There is no excuse as to why this cannot be an every day activity. PRAY DAILY, DAILY.  If you don't know why scripture study and prayer is important, I encourage you to re listen to general conference and you will find the answer.  We are all children of God.  We all need the Savior.  We ALL need his grace in order to return back to live in the Presence of our Heavenly Father.  The call has come from God...get involved in missionary work...the Savior is coming.  The end is nigh, even at the excuses.  If your testimony is weak, strengthen it.  If you have made mistakes and need to repent, repent.  If you aren't paying an honest tithe, pay it.  If you don't have a current temple recommend, get one.  If you aren't praying and reading the scriptures DAILY, do it.  If you aren't going to church, or attending all your meetings, go.  If you don't have happiness in life...FIND IT.  Find it through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his Atonement.  This will solve all problems. ALL problems. DO YOU HEAR ME?! ALL PROBLEMS we face in life can and WILL BE resolved in and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  If you are looking for ways elsewhere to mend a broken heart, heal wounds, or fix illness...look to Christ.  He will heal all. This is my sincere testimony.

I love you all, I look forward to hearing about all of YOUR miracles in missionary work this week!
My love is always here for you all.  We are all engaged in this work together.

Love, Sharp Shimai

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