Monday, November 4, 2013

I love the Book of Mormon

October 28, 2013


This week went by pretty quick.  We didn't have any mind blowing experiences, but we did find a new investigator.  Sister Buhler and I housed into her my first transfer as we were housing around a less actives neighborhood...she was really nice back then, but didn't accept a return appointment.  We were visiting the same area last week and we housed into her again.  I remembered the house as soon as I saw it.  She was home, and she accepted a return appointment for Thursday!  We have to take the train to her house, and then its a 20 minute walk from the station, but she's really nice so it will be worth it.  Tonight we are meeting with Kanyeyasu.  Last weeks lesson went well, except for one small little detail...she ALWAYS goes out of town on the weekends to go take care of her aging mother.  She also mentioned that she couldn't enter into a christian church when we extended the invite for her to come...something to do with a Buddhist belief and is she came she would be betraying her husband, culture, family...etc.  Same old excuse i have heard a million times.  So I am not too worried about it, as we continue to meet with her I know the Lord will soften her heart if its her time to accept the gospel.

Last week we also taught our Chinese investigator.  Nimo San.  We watched the restoration dvd in Chinese and I just say that...I AM SO GRATEFUL TO BE SPEAKING JAPANESE instead of Chinese!!!! AHHHH!!! Things could be harder!  The language barrier with him is still an issue. He does know way more Japanese than I thought though.  He said a prayer in front of us FINALLY for the first time, and it was great.  He said when he knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet he will get baptized..but he doesn't always read or pray so its obviously going to be hard to get an answer.  We are working on that.

We ran into our other investigator Marin on the street last week.  She is back from Hawaii YAY!!  She said she is coming to eikaiwa this Wednesday so we will hopefully be able to set up a teaching appointment with her then, she is busy with work and school but she is still really interested which is great. Hmmm...that is about all the updates I have for you this week!

I read some really great chapters this last week in the Book of Mormon...some of my favorite things were:

2nephi 25 "The right way is to BELIEVE IN CHRIST"
Alma 5 "Are you stripped of Pride?"
Mormon 9 "God is a GOD OF MIRACLES"
Alma 11 "This restoration shall come to all"

I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!  It's so so so clear.  It outlines the gospel of Jesus Christ SO CLEARLY and Plainly.  I love it. I encourage you to all look to the Book of Mormon for comfort and answers to life's questions.  I promise you that there is not a single problem in this life that can't either be solved or answered by reading the Book of Mormon daily.  SO PLEASE read it. DAILY.

I love you all!!! Thank you for all the support, love, and prayers!!

Happy Halloweenie!!! :)

Love, Sharp Shimai

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