Monday, December 2, 2013

The Lord's Direction


Well, another week gone, time is flying I can't get over it!  Thanks for all the advice on companionships, I am definitely learning a thing or two about effective communication and I'm so grateful for it!  Sister Pinzon and I get along GREAT though, I haven't laughed this much with a companion since I have come on my mission, she is amazing!!

Sounds like you all had a nice Thanksgiving, we had a really fun party with our zone.   We ate chicken, not quite turkey, but it was still good!  Afterwards we went to some members houses and ate more food…wanted to throw up because I was so full, but yeah-such is life.  Happens all the time ha!

WE saw SO MANY miracles last week!  Particularly on fast Sunday!  We had 5 investigators show up to church!!  SUCH A MIRACLE!!!  We are trying to have two baptisms on the 21st…it will be a miracle if we do!

We found a new investigator last week on the street who met missionaries over 40 years ago, she quickly wrote down her name, number and address and said "yeah, if I'm home you can come over!"
we didn't know how to find her house, I new the general area but that was it…when we went to go look for it, by some MIRACLE the lord directed us straight to her house.  We found it, but she wasn't home…we decided to do some housing at some nearby apartments and come back in 2 hours or so and in the meantime we found another investigator!  His name is Fugimoto, he was really nice and he said he wanted to know if God existed.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and we are going back next Sunday!  Afterwards, we went back to the other ladies house and RIGHT as we walked up to the house the car pulled into the driveway.  She let us inside and we gave her a short lesson on the plan of salvation!  She was SOOOO nice, she gave us a bunch of oranges and let us meet her husband who is also really nice.  We are going back next week and she is making us some kind of Japanese lunch.  We are grateful she is so nice and willing to have us back!!!

We are teaching Muranaga tonight (she is the one that met with missionaries over a year ago and already had a Book of Mormon and pamphlets) she is really cute, and I feel that she has been prepared by God to receive baptism, we are extending a baptism date for the 28th tonight. I REALLLY hope she accepts it!!

I don't have much time, but there are many exciting things happening in Ube! I am so grateful that I am still here to be apart of it!  Kaneyasu's lessons have kind of stopped which makes me really sad because I love her so much, but we are going to try and visit her tonight and bring her cookies, we'll see what happens.  I want her to come to church so bad.

Anyways, I love you all so very much! Thanks for all the updates, I have to go!
Love you all,
Sister Sharp

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