Monday, January 6, 2014

Transfer Call!!


Yep, I transferred! Its the farthest city south on the Kyushu Island…anymore south and I would be going to Okinawa.  Its pretty warm, not hot (I definitely am still wearing tights and my coat, but its not windy like it was in Ube so I'm way happy about that!)  I traveled for about 7 hours in total by bus on Thursday and I caught a way annoying cold so I have been sleeping the last 3 days to get my strength back.  My new companions name is Sister Heaton, she came from a city called Nagasaki, she actually was living with Eddy Shimai (the same one I lived with my first transfer) they were not companions though.  Oh, guess what, Sister Heaton and I have both been called to be Sister trainer leaders over the Kagoshima Zone and the zone next to us which is called the Kumamoto Zone.  We are over about 10 other sisters…which is going to be interesting because most of them are all on their last transfer and way strong missionaries so I feel weird only being on my 6th and Sister Heaton is only on her 5th so we are both WAY young to have this calling, but it should be fun.  Taniyama is a WAY bigger city than Ube, but there are still not a lot of people out on the streets.  Fun little fact about the area…we live RIGHT next to a VOLCANO!  It smokes every single day, and there is ash all over the streets because of it haha. CRAZY.

We haven't done a lot of proselyting yet because I've been sick, and our bikes aren't transferred here yet.  So i don't really know anything about the area or what it really looks like, but to come and do email we have to take a 25 minute trolley to get here so I saw a little bit more of the city.  I think there are going to be lots of prepared people here to find!  Our bikes should be here tomorrow. Today we have to go all the way back to Fukuoka for a training in the Honbu  tomorrow, so we really won't be able to get working until Wednesday.

Sunday was way awesome though, the members are sooo nice here.  There is a HUGE family named the Kaneko family, there are eight kids and they are all basically married with a bunch of kids, they make up most of the branch.  They are all amazing though and way willing to do missionary work so i'm way excited.  There is just Sister Heaton and I here in Taniyama with two other elders, Sister Heaton and I both white washed so we have no idea what we are doing…this transfer is going to be an adventure eh?!  The two elders that are here are way new to the area also, one of them is on his 11th transfer and his companion is a BEAN, so yeah, we are all pretty much brand new to the area.

I don't have much time, but I just wanted to update you all on the crazy news.  I miss Ube, transfers came up so quick and I miss Sister Pinzon, but a Japanese girl replaced me which I was WAY happy about, Ube needs a JAPANESE speaker for SURE!!!! Im excited to be in Taniyama and see all the miracles that lie ahead.  Continue to keep me in your prayers, I will need them. I can feel that this transfer is going to be way humbling because I feel like a Bean ALL OVER again…but the Lord will help me, not too worried. :)

I love you all!!
Love, Sharp Shimai

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