Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Church is True!


Okay, well where to even start?!  I don't have much time, I will try to remember everything if I can-


1.  Today we had a lesson with Marina at the church and it was SOOOO dang good!  She is progressing so much, I am soooo happy!  We gave her a commitment to read Alma 32 and Moroni 7 before we met again.  Our original plan for today was to have a lesson on Faith, but we started by reviewing the proper nature of God and Jesus Christ and our relationship to both of them, and it was like a HUGE light bulb went off!! :)  So we kept going on that track and talked more about prayer and did a way fun object lesson!  The spirit was super strong, and she was asking some of the best questions!! GOSH it was so good!!! She is progressing :) its a MIRACLE!!  We are meeting her again this Friday but I unfortunately will be on exchanges with another Sister in Kumamoto so I won't get to see her until next monday but I am way pumped about her progression, she is going to get baptized I can feel it.

2.  Seguchi San- We met with her last week and showed her a movie clip on baptism and eternal families and it was SOOOO good!  The spirit was SO strong!!  She keeps saying that she needs more time to prepare for baptism but really she is just terrified to commit, so we are still working on how we can commit her, but we know that she will soon!!  We are meeting with her this wednesday and I am super excited.  We got way closer with her in our last lesson and I talked to her a lot on Sunday so I feel like she is trusting us more.  We took a pic with her but I can't send it because this computer is dumb, but I will find a way to send you pics of these people!  Love her too!!

3.  Evangeline-  She is the Filipino that I talked about a while ago (she is having an affair with her boss and has a 10 yr old daughter)  she is WAY prepared to accept the gospel.  We met with her yesterday and taught her the plan of salvation and it went SOO well.  She learned so much, and really felt the spirit.  The only problem is Satan REALLY has her deceived right now, and ending her affair is not going to be easy and repentance is not a fun process so she is having a hard time deciding what she wants to do,  but I know that the Lord brought us into her life NOW so she can learn how to overcome this situation that she is in.  We are meeting with her again on Tuesday. Gosh…I am praying way hard for her, and her poor daughter. Nevertheless I know Heavenly Father loves them SO much!  I could go on and on about the love of God….

4. Fujisawa San- NEW investigator :) We were supposed to meet with her Today but she had family coming in and she wasn't sure when they would be getting in so she had to reschedule for Wednesday. I have a WAY funny story about her, but don't have time to tell it…I will try to remember to make time next week so I can share it.  Its a funny and way embarrassing story, I'm sure you will enjoy it. ha…to be continued.

5. Kojima Shimai- This is the bishops wife!  And she is on FIRE right now!  She took Sister Heaton and I to one of the FIVE referrals that she gave us and a new less active last week and it was super good!  She is sooo excited about missionary work right now!  We are meeting with her and one of her friends on Friday (but I will be in Kumamoto)  but I'm super excited!  She is a huge miracle for us right now I am soo grateful for her!!!

This last week was way good I love you all I have two minutes left, I have to go but this work is so true, things are really starting to pick up, it is such a huge blessing.

The greatest miracle of all is that Ube had a baptism last week :)

Yoshioka San got baptized.  Yep.  Its a miracle.  The church is true!

Love, Sharp Shimai

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