Sunday, April 13, 2014


                                        Seguchi san 

                                         Marina Chan 

                                       The cute little girls from Eikaiwa!! 

The last picture is almost all the original people from my MTC district, we are all serving somewhere on the Island! :) Capener shimai is the last one on the right and Kwak is the beautiful asain next to me, Olsen is on the left of me and Zimmerman is on the end :) 

I went to Okinawa last week to do a training in their zone with Capener on the atonement and it was AMAZING! The building that they meet in is BRAND NEW and its american because there is an american base across the street. I almost started crying when I saw how beautiful the building is there. We have no idea how blessed we are being members of the church in America! Count your blessings!
   This is the AIRPLANE that we rode from Okinawa back to Fukuoka

      this is  Capener Shimai loving all the cherry blossoms :)

  In the Okinawa Church! They have a GYM!!! Kwak, Capener, Me, Olsen, and Bullock! MTC DISTRICT  FOR LIFE :)

                                saying goodbye at the airport

         here with Silver Choro from Parleys ward!!! SAME HOME WARD!

                                  MTC doki!

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