Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gift of the Holy Ghost


Yep, this week did go by way fast!!  It was a really good week though.

This last week I have been able to break down walls with Kaskiwa Shimai, we have become wayyy good friends!! I love her to death.  The language barrier has turned out to be the root of almost all laughter that goes on between us haha she is trying so hard to understand English, and I'm trying so hard to understand her Japanese (and after about 10 minutes of looking up words and a game of charades we finally understand each other)  we make a great companionship :)

Since I have become companions with Kashiwa Shimai my love for the people has become so much deeper.  I don't find it ironic that I have always been drawn to the Japanese people!  I love them so much.  I am sure that Buddah and I were probably the best of friends in the pre existence!!!

Miracles :)

We found three new investigators.  We weren't able to meet with the lady in the blue shack but we did call her and she was busy all this week, I think we will be able to meet this week, I will keep you updated!

Shiroma San- An older man in his 70's he is super open to talking about religion but has a really hard time focusing, so we are teaching him with object lessons to help him understand and focus!  I feel that with time he really will want to be baptized!  We invited him to be baptized next month on the 28th but he still has no clue what the gospel even is so he said that he wants to take it a little slower and learn little by little.  Which is fine :)

Akamine San- Kashiwa Shimai and I were about an hour away from our apartment housing a HUGE apartment complex, we had about ten minutes left and knocked on a door.  An older man in his 70's came to the door and asked us if we were telling people to come to church.  We said ummm…yeah, but we aren't a normal church.  Kashiwa Shimai and I busted you the restoration and the spirit testified SO strongly of the first vision.  Before we could say anything else he said "do you come and teach this in peoples homes?!" and we said yeah!  That's the goal!!  He said okay, come back next Monday at 3!  He gave us all his information and we are going to meet with him today at three!  It was such an awesome miracle!  His reaction was probably what every missionary dreams of happening haha.  He said I would love to hear from you guys, but i can't make any promises that I will come to church.
….famous last words :)

Fukuchi San- Last night we were out finding again and I had a distinct impression that we needed to change our plans and go to a different area than what we had planned the night before.  We ended up at a big apartment that Capener Shimai and I found last transfer and Kashiwa Shimai and I have housed it a few times this transfer without any luck.  However, I felt pretty strong that there must be someone inside that was going to listen.  We knocked on a door and a man maybe in his 50's came to the door.  We taught him about the plan of salvation and receiving baptism.  We invited him to be baptized and he said yes…although he has no idea what the actual covenant of baptism is, he felt the spirit and was probably surprised by his own answer.  We asked if we could come back this Wednesday but he works during the week so the soonest we could come back is next Sunday.  He has a family which is so great!  As we were talking to him I could see in his face that he was so unhappy.  We didn't get into details, but I am way excited that the spirit led us to his family and that he agreed to meet again!  Huge miracle and blessing for that family!

The gospel is true.  The Holy Ghost really can be our constant companion as we live worthy of his companionship.  When we keep all of Gods commandments and partake of the Sacrament each week worthily, we are then able to feel the spirits influence in our lives!  I am soooo grateful for the Gift of the Holy Ghost!!!  I wouldn't be able to do ANYTHING without him.  I am so grateful for prayer too!  Pray everyday. Morning, day and night.  Always keep a prayer in your heart!

I love each of you.  We are so blessed to be members of Jesus Christs Church!
Have a good week :)
Love, Sharp Shimai

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