Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's not coincidence!


This last week was really good!!!  Nakamoto San is still doing really good,  he is still working on being baptized on the 6th yay :).  This last week Kashiwa Shimai and I felt impressed to start seeking out more less actives that are in our area.  We probably have over 100 in our tiny little area…we started from the very beginning of the list and decided to go see if some of them were still living where their record said they were.  We randomly picked one named Arakaki Fujiko.  All we had was a name and her address. We were able to find her house pretty easily.  When we knocked on the door a small little Japanese woman opened the door with a smile on her face and didn't even ask who we were she just started talking.  She said "I'm reading a book about the Egyptians right now!" After about ten minutes of hearing about the Egyptians, I said…"Do you know who we are? Do missionaries come here often?"  She said that the last time missionaries came was about 2 years ago.  BUT THEN SHE TOLD US SOMETHING CRAZY! Remember the typhoon we had here 2 or 3 weeks ago?  She started to say that on the day of the typhoon she was all alone in her house and she said that suddenly she saw the most beautiful bright light coming from her window.  She said it was the most beautiful white light she had ever seen, it was nothing like what she'd ever seen before.  She told us that when she saw this light, she immediately remembered the Book of Mormon.  She had a feeling like she needed to repent and that God probably did exist.  When she told us this you can imagine all the thoughts running through our minds!  We testified to her that God is talking to her and that all of those feelings that she had were from God.  At the end she said "You guys are so sweet and so nice, but I am studying something even deeper than the bible right now!  Maybe you can share the message with someone else…"  We didn't pay any attention to her remarks and the last thing we said was "We'll come again!!!"  This all happened last Monday.  Last night we were in her area again and I saw her light on so we went to go see if she was home.  She came to the door and talked our ears off for 20 minutes haha she is SO prepared to come back to the church.  We aren't sure why or when she lost interest but she said that she is still living the word of wisdom.  She was a nurse when she was younger and really believes in the importance of taking care of her body.  We just listened to her talk and eventually I brought up the bright light story again, and testified to her that it was from God and that he sent us directly here to her.  We also told her that out of all the names we could of chosen on our list of hundreds, we chose her.  Its not coincidence!  She said "I know! I know! Its God huh!"  At the end she was apologizing that she had nothing to give us, she said "I have some apples, will you take those?!"  We politely declined and said that we would be back. :) She is so sweet and so nice. I am not surprised that the Lord directed us straight to her, we need her in the church and the church needs her.  I am excited to see what the Lords plan is with her.  I really hope to see her reactivated by the time that we leave.  Just in the two visits that we've had with her, her heart has softened so much!  Since meeting her my testimony has been strengthened the God lives and loves his children.  We are his hands on the earth :) I'm so happy and blessed to be able to take part in his work of Salvation.  I need to go, but I love each of you, stay strong and continue to bare your testimony in word and action!  Love you all!  Sharp Shimai

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