Sunday, July 28, 2013

1st Baptism!!!

July 22, 2013



Sister Buhler and I got a NEW BEAN!!! Her name is sister SMOTHERMAN. She is just as interesting as her name is haha...she is 20 and from california! I'll send a pic!

WE had Nakamotos Baptism yesterday! AHHH it was SOOO good! Sister Smotherman and I sang  Be still my soul in english, and we had the whole ward there.  Nakamoto was sooo happy afterwards.  We love her and are so grateful for her amazing spirit and love that she has for God.  I have a pic that i'll send.

We will be moving into our apartment TOMORROW.  FINALLY!!

We have been working SO hard this last week, it was crazy.  We were going from place to place so we didn't have alot of time to go finding, but its okay, this week is going to be filled with so many miracles.  We have a lot of potential investigators that we will have time to visit with, and hopefully we will make them progress into progressing investigators.

We have two new reactivations in our ward! YAY!
One of their names is Nakamura San.  We had a dinner appointment with him last night, and it was amazing.  We talked to him and another member that was there about the importance of being involved in member missionary work and the spirit was SO STRONG. He called us afterwards and was in tears because he was so grateful for us and for everything that we had told him to start doing. It was just great.  I love that man!

I love you all. Jesus Christ is our Savior, look to him in every thought and actions.  Strive to feel his presence in your lives daily!

Love, Sharp Shimai

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