Thursday, July 18, 2013

Transfer Week


I am emailing today, (tuesday) instead of yesterday because its transfers week and pray always gets moved to tuesday instead of monday just in case you wondering.

Speaking of transfer week, here we go:
 We haven't gotten the phone call from the AP's yet, but Buhler Shimai and I are going to be staying here in UBE for another transfer! (6 weeks) we know this because the recorder from the mission home told us yesterday.  Burgon Shimai and Eddy Shimai are both transferring to other areas, but we have no idea where yet.  We should be getting the news in a few hours i think! It's exciting!! Our mission is about to EXPLODE with missionaries! We have 30 new beans coming in to our mission which is CRAZY!

Some more exciting news is that Buhler Shimai is becoming a SISTER TRAININING LEADER! Basically aka, she is becoming a sister AP.  So is Eddy Shimai and 2 or 3 other older missionary Shimai that have been in the mission for about a year.  They are going to be having to go to a bunch of areas all over the mission to train all these new Shimai's that are going to be coming in.  SO I have no idea what this means for me if she is going to be gone all the time?  Buhler Shimai and I think I will be put into a threesome this transfer, and I will probably become a trainer my 3rd or 4th transfer.  AHHHH lets not even talk about it!  It will all work out though, so im not too worried about it.  Heavenly Father knows exactly what he is doing! I'll let you guys all know the verdict next monday!!

So we had a change of plans, and we aren't moving into our apartment until thursday!  We really don't have to move anything though, the mission home ordered all new furniture and appliances for our new Apartment and had them delivered yesterday! What a blessing that was!!! WE are SUPER blessed here in UBE! What little things we do have to move, members will be helping us!

Buhler Shimai and I actually just finished a lesson with our Investigator Nakamoto San (I think I called her Katsuno San in my email last week on accident...I seriously am horrible at keeping names straight ahhh and what is even worse you are ALWAYS expected to call someone by their can't address them as 'you' even in casual conversions...gosh its so hard!  Japanese names are insane.)  Anysways, her name is Nakamoto San and we just taught the last lesson she needed in order to qualify for Baptism.  We taught her the ten commandments, and it went SO well.  WE have had a member present with us at every lesson so they always help us out when we need help explaining something.  The spirit was so strong in this lesson.  Nakamoto San really changed so much since the first time we met with her.  She love church!  She loves the commandments, she Loves God.  She is so obedient...Japanese people are some of the most obedient people I have ever met in my life.

When they say they are going to do something, they do it.  We had to move her baptism to this Sunday, instead of Saturday.  She is excited! She is so prepared! Her baptism interview is tomorrow, and she is going to pass with flying colors.  Love her.

Our other Investigator Miyauchi San, is going to get baptized on the 27th, we had to push hers back because she isn't quit ready, she forgets a lot of stuff, which is totally fine.  She is very old, so its ok!  We love her sooo much, she really is the biggest ray of sunshine in my day!  She lives about 40 minutes away on bike, so its always pretty tough biking out there in the heat, but every time we do it, we get to here house, and it is always completely worth it! Gosh, we love her so much!!!

About two weeks ago we went on exchanges with some sisters that are from another area in our zone that came to Ube to help us go finding, and while we were out finding, we knocked on a door that Miller Shimai felt really impressed to knock on. A SWEET old lady came to the door an immediately let us in. (that never happens)  We talked to her about eternal was so amazing.  I have yet to meet someone and that quickly felt like I knew them right away like I did towards her!  Gosh, i immediately loved her, and felt like she is someone that we need to work towards baptizing.  Eddy Shimai was with us and she committed her to come to church on the 14th (which was this last sunday) and SHE CAME!  We weren't able to make contact with her again after the first night that we met her two weeks ago, so we thought for sure she forgot about us, but guess what she CAME! Oh my gosh, she walked in and i was overcome with that warm feeling again when I saw here.  Basically, I am 100 percent sure that she is going to accept the gospel.  Her name is Kowamuda San.  She feels like she is my long lost Japanese Grandmother or something :)  We are going to her house tomorrow so I will give you her updates next week!

The less active project is still going strong! We love everything about going out and rescuing Heavenly Fathers sheep who have strayed!  It's so rewarding!

Time is running out so I have to go, but I will send pictures next week of Nakamaotos baptism! I love you all thank you so much for the love and prayers!!

The gospel is true
Love, Sharp Shimai

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