Tuesday, July 9, 2013


This week is going to be a short email im sorry! But i`ll give an update on all the miracles!
1.We have been working with an older woman whose name is Katsuno San, and she has committed to be baptized for July 20th! LOVE HER TO DEATH. Oh my gosh. She seriously has not had one problem accepting ANYTHING about the gospel. She is such a wonderful good person. We taught her the word of wisdom yesterday and she was like `well I love tea, but sure i`ll give it up!` Japanese ppl LOVE their tea. She has also LITERALLY kept every single commitment we have ever given her. She is so loyal, and she is going to be a great member. Ah, love her so much. I`ll keep ya updated on her progress.
2. Miyauchi San-
Okay, this was a total random miracle. We got her as a referal from someone in our ward, and we have tried visiting her multiple times but she never really can meet with us. She is super old so she has always just said that she is too busy or tired..but miraculously she showed up to church yesterday and sister buhler and I taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the member who referred her to us..and SHE ALSO committed to baptism for JULY 20th! SO AMAZING! She is honestly probably in her late 80`s or early 90`s but she is the SWEETEST little old grandma ever. She will probably forget that she committed to be baptized, but thats ok :) We`ll definitely be reminding her daily haha.
3. Ami-
Sister Buhler and I had an AWESOME lesson with just her this last week when we went to her house. We had planned on teaching her about the plan of salvation, but i got a DISTINCT impression right before we left that we needed to teach her about repentance, and talk to her about getting her temple recommend back so she can start doing baptisms, and then work towards her endowment. Well, that impression was definitely from the holy ghost. When we got there, she said it was exactly what she needed to hear. She was sexually abused when she was younger, and was in an abusive marriage for 9 years...she definitely needed to hear the message of repentance, the Atonement, and forgiveness. She is SUCH a strong woman, i cant believe how much crap she has been through. She was addicted to hard drugs by the age of 12. But by some miracle she pulled herself out of it...Heavenly Father never gives up on us.
4. We also met with another less active whose name is Nishino Kyodai-
Him and his wife have been inactive for years, but their daughter went on a mission to temple square. Nishino Kyodai claims that he only got baptized with his family because everyone else was doing it and he liked the missionaries..he says he doesn't have a testimony at all. BUT, i KNOW he does. He is just stubborn. He would not have gotten baptized if he didn't feel something all those years ago. So sister buhler and I are just working with him so he can TRULY convert this time and be a strong member. He would make an incredible leader in the church. His wife is adorable. She is way more receptive to us, and i think she is going to progress a lot faster than him, but thats ok! We love them both so much! They have come to church the last 2 weeks, so its great, they are progressing!
5. Yesterday we found two new investigators who I think are going to be pretty solid investigators. One is a 22 year old guy who lives alone and is going to school to become a nurse, and the other is a lady who we contacted on the street on our way home last night. She has actually already met with missionaries before and loved them. She was married to a christian but they got divorced..she loves the bible though with is AWESOME! She was so dang cute though and super nice to us. So we will be meeting with her this week also.

next, WE ARE MOVING APARTMENTS! Yayyy! haha. Its bigger, newer and nicer! 

I Love you all! I love this work!
Love, Sharp Shimai

Katsuno Kyodai and the Sister missionaries

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