Monday, September 23, 2013

Lose yourself for the Lords sake


So I too don't have much time, I am sorry!  But, this last week had major ups and downs.  We had two people come to church yesterday which was a huge miracle.  We found two promising potential investigators, and we are just seeing miracles everyday.

We had interviews with our President this week, and that was great.  He said that I am changing a lot...which hopefully I am, for the better ha.

I was really humbled this last week.  It was made very apparent to me how much more I need to study the language.  We had a sister down in our area for two days who is fluent in Japanese and English and she was able to produce miracles for us in our area.  HOWEVER after seeing her be here for a day and effortlessly connect with the Japanese people and communicate the gospel so well, I got a little bit angry with Heavenly Father... I may have had a few thought s along the lines of 'why did you send me to Japan..I can't speak this language...I will never be able to connect with these people like she can' and I sort of had a little bit of a break down.

After I had my pity party, I talked it our with Buhler Shimai and she said something so profound to me. She said "Heavenly Father knows exactly who is going to accept the gospel and who isn't, do you really think he is going to suffer a person who would accept the gospel to not join the church just because of your lack of Japanese?!"

She was able to really put things into perspective for me and it helped me a lot.  I was so humbled.  I got caught up in myself, and forgot what my purpose of being here is.

I have learned on my mission that when things start to get really hard its because I have turned my focus inward, instead of outward.  My eyes are set upon myself and not upon the Lords work and will. I have learned that the Lord is trying to teach me something very profound.

*When you lose yourself for the Lords sake, that's when you find yourself*

I often think about Gordon B. Hinckley when he wanted to give up on his mission, and his father wrote to him and said, "Gordon, forget yourself, and go to work".

I am trying to incorporate that attitude in my missionary work and make it an attribute that I carry with me for the rest of my life.  I encourage anyone who loves the Lord to do the same.

Time is running out, but I love you all so much.  I will write more next week.  My love and prayers are with you all.  Always-

Your Daughter

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