Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Keeping the Commandments

August 24th

Konnichiwa :)

This last week was a little bit stressful with Nakamoto.  We finished all the lessons and scheduled his baptismal interview for this Wednesday.  When we reviewed the baptismal interview questions with him he told us that a long time ago he had a little bit of a flirtatious thing happen with a woman before and after he was married…he made it sound like adultery but turns out, it wasn't anything.  Ha. When we taught him the ten commandments and taught "thou shalt not kill" he got the most serious look on his face and confessed that 50 years ago he was at a park and was playing with a dog and it fell into some water and he tried to get it out, but it died.  His Japanese is way hard to understand sooo I missed the whole part about it being a DOG, (thought it was a person) and the only thing I heard was "accidentally died…" everyone went silent and so I was freaking out…I turned to Kashiwa and was like "what died?!"  and she whispers…"Inu." Which means dog. hahaha it was so funny.  We had to explain that that commandment is referring to people.  I felt way bad because I kind of started to laugh, but he felt way bad about it.  Long story short, he is well prepared to be baptized and I feel is going to be a way strong member of the church :)

We weren't able to meet with our other investigators this week (its summer break right now for all the kids) so all the parents are spending time with their kids and don't want to meet with us ha.  But we found two new investigators (actually, one is from the elders) and then the other one we found, she is Filipino and catholic, but super nice and actually already had a Book of Mormon, she received it from a friend in the Philippines! So awesome.  So we are going to go visit her tonight. :) Wish us good luck!

There are a total of 8 missionaries serving in the same ward as me, and a family had all of us over for dinner last week, it was SO FUN! The mom actually does massage therapy and when I walked in and saw the table I was like wow…I miss that.  But anyways, she asked all of us why we decided to serve missions and I had a way awesome spiritual experience as I bore my testimony.  It hit me that my mission is almost over and I got really emotional.  I have to speak in sacrament next week and teach gospel principles class…so I have more opportunities to bare testimony to the members which I am happy about.  I always feel the spirit the strongest when I have opportunities to share what I know to be true.

One more thing.  Last week, President came down with the AP's and did interviews.  We have them about once every other transfer.  While president interviews all the missionaries in the zone, we receive training from the AP's.  I can't even describe in words the deep spiritual experience I had in that training.  I don't think I have ever felt the spirit that strong since I have been on my mission.  Kashiwa and I had the opportunity to do a role play lesson in front of everyone, and the spirit was so strong.  Afterwards I had an opportunity to share my testimony of the Book of Mormon and the spirit overcame me. At the end we all sang "more holiness give me."  (In Japanese) and I felt like we were sitting in the celestial room of the temple.  Heavenly Father was in the room. I seriously felt as if his arms were wrapped around me.  All I could do was cry because of the deep love that I was feeling.  It was so amazing!!! I won't forget it.

I love each of you! The church that we are all apart of is true!! It truly is the church of Jesus Christ! Only in this church and in following and keeping the commandments of God are we guaranteed true and lasting happiness.  Don't forget this! Love you all.
Sharp Shimai

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