Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Children of God

August 31st


This week was a little crazy, we had some unexpected things come up with Nakamoto San in his final baptismal interview, but we've got it all sorted out and he is still able to receive baptism this saturday, i will definitely send pictures.  My talk yesterday went well, Kashiwa helped me a lot with making sure I didn't sound like a fool with my terrible grammar haha.  After church we went and met with a new investigator, and he committed to come to church next Sunday yay!  After church we went to a dinner appointment at a really strong members house with all the missionaries, it was way fun!!  They asked me to bare my testimony at the end (I'm all testimonied out…haha).  Also we are to meet with an investigator that we haven't seen in a long time, she committed to come to church this Sunday too which was awesome.  Our mission president has asked all missionaries in the mission to get as many investigators at church on Sunday as possible.  AS a whole our mission has a goal to get 200 investigators this upcoming Sunday.  Maybe that doesn't sound like a lot, but for our mission it is haha. I'm excited to see us exceed it!

I don't have anything too exciting to update you on!  My appreciation for these people is growing deeper and deeper.  Yesterday as I looked out upon the congregation as I partook of the sacrament, I really felt as if I was in the midst of my own family members. They look nothing like me and we speak completely different cultures, but I felt so strongly that we were all children of God!!  Nothing can ever separate me from that knowledge.  I love these people, I feel strongly that I will return one day for some reason or another and I will be able to continue to do missionary work!  It might be 5 years or 40 years from now, but I will come back. :)  I love you all thank you for your prayers and support!  Keep praying for Nakamoto San that everything goes well! I will talk to you next week :)
Love, Sharp Shimai

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