Monday, September 9, 2013

Divine Intervention

September 1st


So this last week has been really really great! I was freaking out a little bit the day my Bean was supposed to be coming in, but since she got here, everything has been fine! We get along great. She is super spiritual, and she is really in tune and sensitive to the spirit. She cries a lot when she feels the you can imagine how much crying goes on between the two of us. Her name is sister Nelson and  She is from St.Louis! Turns out that her Aunt was sister Buhlers Young Women's leader..Buhler is From Colorado, so I'm not really sure what the odds of that are but yeah! SMALL world!!

We saw Soooo many miracles this last week!!!

Heavenly Father put many people in our path that we could communicate with- one of them we found as we were riding our bikes home the other was around 830 and i saw this older woman sitting on the curb with a bunch of was raining so I was wondering why she was just sitting there..she wasnt sitting anywhere near a bus stop so it was kind of weird..She looked like she was a little upset so I stopped her to see if she was ok or needed help. Immediately she said she was fine and waved at us to go away..which obviously meant she wasn't ok. So we kept being persistent with her until she started to actually talk to us..She knew we were Mormon's..Turns out she was a Jehovah's Witness- We had a good discussion about how I really want to be friends with Jehovah's witnesses but once they find out I am Mormon they want nothing to do with me..she didn't have much to say about that because umm..yeah..thats the truth, but anyways- we became really great friends with her and we invited her to Eikaiwa- she was speaking English to us the whole time! She never did tell us why she was sitting on the curb with a bunch of suitcases, but we prayed that she would come to eikaiwa this week. If she doesn't, I'm sure we will cross paths with her again!

Two days ago sister nelson and I were biking somewhere, and I stopped this lady on the street- she was SO nice to us and said she believed in God and Jesus Christ. I explained a little bit of who we were and I couldn't really understand what she was saying.. All I got out of it was that she really liked us and that she had a son who studied Christianity..WE felt the spirit really strong with her. So after 15 minutes of me pretending to know what she was saying, I asked her if we could meet again and teach her more about our message. She was like yes! I love you girls! So we exchanged phone numbers and i said i would CALL her on Tuesday to set up an appointment...the only problem was that she wrote her name down and I couldn't read it...gosh.  so flash forward to yesterday:

Sister nelson and I went to go teach another investigator that we had found housing, but to our disappointment when we got there, they were no longer interested. SO as our back up plan I felt impressed to go visit an investigator that we had dropped about a month ago- I couldn't remember where they lived so as I was about to call Buhler Shimai, I Buhler and Smotherman Biking on the other side of the road that sister nelson and I was on- I got their attention and they come over to us, but before I could ask buhler where our former investigator lived, buhler was like `Did you set up a teaching appointment with a lady named murakami for Tuesday at 2 o clock??` I had no idea what she was talking about..the name didn't sound familiar and I would have known if we had an investigator that we were supposed to go teach..but then I remembered the lady that sister Nelson and I had found on our bikes, It was her! But then I was really confused because I was like..we didn't set up an appointment with her?? And How do YOU know her??

This is soo crazy..ready??

Sister Smotherman and Buhler have been going through our record book and have been trying to go find old investigators from previous missionaries..they just look at the address and go find them. Apparently that is what they were doing last night when we ran into them- they had looked up a lady in our record book named `murakami`  and decided to go find her..LITTLE DID Buhler know that that lady was the SAME lady that sister nelson and I had streeted into they day before and got her number! So when they showed up, she answered the door and was like `wait...aren't you girls supposed to be coming on Tuesday??` Buhler and smotherman were sooo confused haha..She said that she talked to missionaries the day before and set up an appointment for Tuesday. WHICH is so weird because WE never set an appointment with her. She obviously didn't understand my Japanese, but I'm so glad that she misinterpreted it, because now we are going to go teach her on Tuesday!! Heavenly father works in MYSTERIOUS ways!! 

TO make the story EVEN crazier...Buhler said that she housed her house a looooong time ago with Eddy shimai. One day they got lost looking for A less active, and she said that her house is the one that they ended up at, but it was the wrong one. She said that they housed it anyways, but nobody came to the door. She said that when her and sister eddy got home to recheck the less active`s address that they were trying to find. it was on the completely other side of town, so they laughed forever about how wrong their directions were...

This story probably made no sense, its hard to type it out. But basically a LOT of DIVINE intervention happened in the last few days so that we could find, talk to, and soon teach this woman named Murakami. She has been prepared by other missionaries/ her progress record said that she was last taught in 2012.  I feel really good about her. 

I am running out of time. I wish I could talk about more amazing things going on, but I don't have time! I am so grateful to be here on my mission at this time. The faith of two completely inexperienced missionaries is working miracles in Japan. I am so grateful for the love and trust that my Heavenly Father has for me and Sister Nelson. There is NO WAY that we could be doing any of this save their was a loving father in heaven watching over us.
I know he lives. I know this is his work.

I love you all.
Love Sharp Shimai

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