Monday, September 9, 2013

The Lords Will


Yep, another week gone indeed! I'm already on my third transfer and into the second week ahhh! I need to time to slow down.

I am DYING to go to the temple again. Gosh. I want to go SO BAD. I can`t wait to see the new movie. My companion told me how good it is, and I really want to see it!!! Satan is real. So real. He plays a very significant role in the plan of Salvation- he really will stop at nothing to get us to Abuse our agency to make us miserable. Continue to keep the commandments and use your agency for GOOD, and he`ll never have power over you.

This last week we were not able to contact that woman that we found on the street last week. She has not been home each time we go to her house. We will by trying again tonight. SO i will update you on her next week. Our Zone is really pushing for each companionship to have a Baptism this transfer. Its going to be hard to pull that off, but if its the Lords will he will bless us with someone who will be ready to be baptized in 4 weeks..

We are teaching a woman named Izumi San right now- She is so great! Sister Nelson and I invited her to be baptized last week and she said no, but that's ok. She said she needs more time. And I agree- she doesn't really understand Christ or the need for repentance right now, so we are working in first building her faith in Christ so she will recognize the need for repentance and want to be baptized. 

I never thought teaching the Gospel in another Language could be such a blessing and such a curse at the same time! I do feel like if we could communicate the gospel in a clearer and better way, (AKA SPEAK IN MY NATIVE LANGUAGE OF ENGLISH) people would be progressing SO MUCH faster..but I also feel like if I was speaking English, I wouldn't be having to rely upon the Lords strength as much as I am. 

I still only understand about hmmm.. 23 percent of what people say to me, haha, but I am learning more things to say which is good. I wish it was the other way around though! Listening and HEARING and UNDERSTANDING what people are saying to you is SO MUCH more important than being able to speak. Its frustrating, but all I can do is improve and hope for the best.

I am still getting along with sister Nelson, We had a little bit of a rough week last week together, but we talked it out and we are fine now. I feel like her and I are going to be doing a lot of wonderful things together this transfer!!!

Time is running out, I have to go, but I love you all.

I love you all so very much!! Stay strong :) 
Until Next Time :)
Sharp Shimai

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