Monday, September 9, 2013

Rely On Him

      Konnichiwa,                                                                                                                                                                      August 18th

As hard as it is being in a threesome, I am learning a lot about myself and others. I know how much this mission is preparing me for marriage someday. Sometimes the Lord has to allow us to struggle so we can learn to rely on him. That is the purpose of our existance. Every hard thing or trial that we go through is designed to make us rely upon the Lord, exercise faith, repent along the way, gain access to the Atonement, and become new creatures in Christ. What a wonderful plan our Father has extended to us. Through this mortal experience we can draw power from the Atonement, and in the process become changed. We can become like God!  We can become pure even as he is pure. Through every trial we should be learning how to gain more Christ like attributes. If that is the only skill or thing I accomplish on my mission then I will be happy haha. (Learning to rely upon the Lord in every situation!)
Last week was so great. I think I had one of the best days ever. Since Hiroshima was a really far train ride away, we stopped in an area called Iwakuni (they are in our zone) and did exchanges with the sisters there. I went out with a new Bean named sister Willes- We only had three hours to contact/street/house...we saw MIRACLES. We found 2 new investigators for their area, taught 9 lessons on the street, handed out 7 book of Mormons, extended three baptism invites, and contacted into another lady that was from okinawa and would be flying back this week so we were able to get her information and send it to okinawa for the missionaries there.
Seriously. I could not believe what had happened that day. It was so miraculous. IT was miraculous because sister willes and I are so unskilled in the language (OBVIOUSLY..we are still brand new) but it didnt matter. THe lord worked miracles. And its because this is his work. Its not the work of doesnt matter how good of a teacher or japanese speaker you are. You need faith, and an attitude of complete reliance upon God. Then the miracles will come. It was a huge lesson that I needed to learn and experience to believe. THe lord can only work by faith.
I love you, I am grateful to be serving. Its such a blessing. This is God`s kingdom.
 Love, Sharp Shimai

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